About MakerFlix

MakerFlix is dedicated to inspiring minds by providing videos about creative projects and the makers behind them. It's all about projects and people.

There's millions of videos on the internet and quality is like finding a needle in a stack. Together we surface the most interesting videos that inspire us to get out there and do something.

Who's behind it?

Cary and Rob Evans are brothers that grew up in the garage building stuff. From bombs made of model rocket engines, to countless skate-ramps, and a host of other pernicious items they loved creating stuff... and still do. Just like many of you, making things brings them oodles of joy. Rob went on to study art and ceramics and ended up in Arizona in the Masters of Fine Art program in Ceramics. Cary went on to design and build software as an interaction designer at various companies in California (see matterbatter.com).


Drop us a note at: caryevans{at}makerflix.com